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Looking thru the mecha domain, I found a Zeta Plus Amuro Rey Custom mobile
suit. Now, Between Zeta and CCA, Amuro probably got re-integrated back into
Earth Federation Force. What was he doing in ZZ? It seemed that AEUG lead
EFF only bother to send Agahma against the Neo Zeon while they were
concentrating on something more important. And they pretty much give into
Haman's demand without too much of a fight by dissolved the puppet
government of Zeon Republic.

Well, judging by the amount of firepower and manpower they deployed against
relative small New Desides rebellion, it would appear that EFF is most
intent on cleaning house first, and worry about the external threat later.
Gryps Conflict is for all intent and purpose, a EFF civil war with AEUG
faction winning. And with the demise of the main Titan faction, mopped up
and de-Titanization process of suspected Titan members and sympathizers is
first on their priority. Amuro Rey is probably deployed in the frontline
fight against these former Titans who haven't given up arms yet.

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