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<< Well actually it does, since wing was mentioned. I had hoped the loonies
wouldn't notice GW. I just hope the mainstream media doesn't make the
conection with the whole stupid kids with guns issue, Those of us who play
 games are still stinging from that crap.

  Me, too. It was only a matter of time until GW got the religious bashing as
well, though. This type of thing gets so old. He wrote the story it seems
based on an Internet search with Hentai sites as the result. Sheesh!, he
should have gotten some of those books that detail the truth about what anime
is. If anime is "has evil influences" then why was he looking for it in the
first place? :) (I know why, am just joking here). I am getting very tired of
the "Murder Sim." stereotype that FPS and other games are getting. Games are
not just for kids anymore, they are more like Hollywood now with their
different genres of games, from G to R rated type of content. Anime,
including Gundam is the same way, Anime is a term for all Japanese animation,
wither its G or R rated or worse.
 People like that are so brainwashed. I've had two perfectly normal friends
become total idiots after joining churches who use language like "Murder
Games" and "Occult influences". One of them left his wife because she was too
 much of a Heathen. (IE: she didn't take the Love, honor and OBEY thing
literally enough.) And the other won't let his kids go trick or treating
becaues Halloween is "Satanic". I don't have time for ignorant sheep. >>

  Yeah, I was knew a family like that as well, I was friends with their kids.
They wouldn't even let them play Metroid for the NES! Get this, they wouldn't
buy a Dirt Devil sweeper because it had "Devil" in the name, I kid you not.
The kids wanted to play Metroid so bad, so the son played a friends Metroid
game while the parents where gone.

  Besides, Wasn't the original purpose of Halloween to scare evil spirits
away? I loved dressing up for Halloween and going door to door. I still like


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