Brett Jensen (
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 11:35:26 -0700

I have a 1st gen US PSX with a 1st gen mod chip and it works fine, no
problems whatsoever. If you get the mod done have the store do it that
way they will insure the work (usually) for a year.

---Brett Jensen

Chris Maier wrote:

> I've been wondering, do most of you use a converter to play this
> game(If you have it). I have a Playstation and have thought about
> getting some kind of converter(Mod chips seem too risky to me). Does
> anybody know if the PSX version of GG works with a converter, and if
> so, what converter would you recommend? I'd also like to check out the
> battle master games, I've heard they're not the best but I love
> fighting games, and I can't resist a Gundam fighting game, particually
> after playing Endless Deul. Chris

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