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> Some people really, really disgust me.>>
> Let's stop this discussion before it starts.
> This has nothing to do with GUNDAM, and I don't give a damn what some ignorant person thinks of anime.

Well actually it does, since wing was mentioned. I had hoped the loonies wouldn't notice GW. I just hope the mainstream media doesn't make the conection with the whole stupid kids with guns issue, Those of us who play FPS PC
games are still stinging from that crap.

People like that are so brainwashed. I've had two perfectly normal friends become total idiots after joining churches who use language like "Murder Games" and "Occult influences". One of them left his wife because she was too
much of a Heathen. (IE: she didn't take the Love, honor and OBEY thing literally enough.) And the other won't let his kids go trick or treating becaues Halloween is "Satanic". I don't have time for ignorant sheep.

---Brett (Listening to Judas priest at top volume) Jensen

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