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Sat, 3 Jun 2000 08:44:43 +0800

From: Michael Wong x4241 <michael@galaxy.nsc.com>
> P.S. I just finished building my MG GP-02, the left arm turned out to be
> the ball joint is EXTREMELY flimsy and can't support shield, it's become
so bad
> that the arm tears out of the socket upon the slightest attempt to change
> any suggestions on how to strengthen it? Thanks in advance.

Yup, that upper arm separates easily from the shoulder joint.

Actually, I prefer that the arm pops out than breaks outright. I guess
Bandai just had no way to make a shield that big for an arm that small.

You can use elmer's glue to strengthen the shoulder joint connecting to the
upper arm, giving it mobility and tightness. I dunno if it will still pop
out (I haven't glued mine together because I'm still going to paint it). The
shield itself is hopeless unless you make a special forearm brace. I think a
Hobby Japan magazine has a sample modification...

However, that shield stays put if you pose it correctly and place the tip on
top of one of the "toes". My unglued but assembled GP-02 has been standing
in the same pose for two weeks now. I just need time to find the right mix
of paint the skin to get the grayish-white for this Gundam. :(


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