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<< Since I have'nt seen the original movies(Although I've read the manga) , how about some casting for 0080 or 0083. Sean Connery could do an interesting Captain Steiner, Dunno about Al or Chris(Hally Osmet does'nt seem like Al, and for Chris it would have to be somebody who's nice but defensive at some points). Any good Spanish or Russian actors that would fit the part of Garcia or Misha? >>

I have a little gift book that was included in an old issue of Animage about Haruhiko Mikimoto around the time 0080 was released and they showed the character designs of the members of the Cyclops team showing the actors they were "based" on.

Steiner - Sean Connery
Misha - Ernest Borgnine
Garcia - Tom Berenger
Andy Strauss - Andrew Robinson

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