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>>Does anybody have any suggestions about Gundam books(Imported) or where to
>>get them? I'm particually interested in books that either have really
>>detailed illustrations, concept art(Like a making of Gundam book- I'd like
>>to see some of the original Gundam concepts.)or artbooks.
>>I know has some stuff, but they're a little too
>>expensive and are special orders, and I'd rather not wait so long for some
>>book like that.
>>Also, Anybody know of any stores that carry Gundam books around the
>>Rockingham County area of New Hampshire?
>Well, for books, I'd have to recommend M.S. Era 0099, especially if you're
>looking for illustrations. M.S. Era is a collection of over 100 drawings
>done in 'news photo' style (think Life magizine covering the One Year War).
>The original edition came out about the same time as 0080, and it share's
>0080's very humanistic perspective. Because of this there aren't many
>'mobile suit in a cool looking pose' type shots; the pictures tend to focus
>more on the people than MS.

Something else I ought to have mentioned but forgot: Pretty much all of the
books text is in english.

>I got my copy from HLJ.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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