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Fri, 02 Jun 2000 15:28:25 MST

>Does anybody have any suggestions about Gundam books(Imported) or where to
>get them? I'm particually interested in books that either have really
>detailed illustrations, concept art(Like a making of Gundam book- I'd like
>to see some of the original Gundam concepts.)or artbooks.
>I know has some stuff, but they're a little too
>expensive and are special orders, and I'd rather not wait so long for some
>book like that.
>Also, Anybody know of any stores that carry Gundam books around the
>Rockingham County area of New Hampshire?

Well, for books, I'd have to recommend M.S. Era 0099, especially if you're
looking for illustrations. M.S. Era is a collection of over 100 drawings
done in 'news photo' style (think Life magizine covering the One Year War).
The original edition came out about the same time as 0080, and it share's
0080's very humanistic perspective. Because of this there aren't many
'mobile suit in a cool looking pose' type shots; the pictures tend to focus
more on the people than MS.

I got my copy from HLJ.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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