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<< Let's stop this discussion before it starts.
 This has nothing to do with GUNDAM, and I don't give a damn what some
ignorant person thinks of anime. This is just some person's opinion on some
obscure discussion group and it has no effect on us Gundam fans.
 Chris, I understand your concern, but I don't want my mailbox flooded with a
hundred messages about something that has nothing to do with GUNDAM! (this is
what happened the last time you posted someone's "anti-anime" rant)
 Let's stay on topic friends, or at least keep focus, this is the GUNDAM
mailing list. >>

    I think its fine for him to have posted that link. We need to be aware of
articles concerning anime outside of the anime fan base.

  He is not responsible for the comments that his posting of that URL
generates. IMO, he was just posting something that some people would maybe
find of interest.

  About OT posts in general. I think that it is up to the owner/maintainer of
the GML to ultimately decide what should or should not be allowed on the GML.
As there is really no "Code of Conduct" for the GML.


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