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Following what I wrote about the Doms, I'm trying to follow the evolution of it's more abundant predecessor, the jolly green giant known as the Zaku. I'm also doing this as an apology for posting another off-topic thread.
Anyway, we have our basic evolutionary process. Since the Zaku's technology leads to pretty much every other MS in Zeon's arensal, I won't follow the Zaku beyond it's immeadiate descentdants-otherwise, I'd probably list every Zeon MS that ever existed.Once again, correct me if i'm wrong.


Basic development of series.

Prototype Zaku-Zaku I-Zaku II-Zaku III-Geara Doga(according to the doga is technically the Zaku IV, and it looks like it, so I've listed it here)

Land-based variants:

Zaku II(J-type)Gouf prototype-Gouf

Water based variants:

Zaku II-Zaku Mariner-Accquay?

Experimental types/fieldbashes:

Zaku II-Zaku II high mobility type-Geloog

Zaku II-"Dom Zaku"-Rick Dom's equipment

Zaku II-Asparagas(Well, the head and some of the feet at least)

Zaku II-Highzack-Eyezack

Zaku II-Zaku recon-Zaku flipper

Zaku II-Zaku cannon

Zaku II-Desert type Zaku

Zaku II-Zaku Tank

Other variants

Zaku II(F)-Zaku II F2

Zaku II(F)-Zaku II FZ

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