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Yeah, sorry. I just technically graduated from high school, so maybe I'm a
little too eccentric this afternoon.

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> << Please check out this:
> http://www.*************************
> Some people really, really disgust me.>>
> Let's stop this discussion before it starts.
> This has nothing to do with GUNDAM, and I don't give a damn what some
ignorant person thinks of anime. This is just some person's opinion on some
obscure discussion group and it has no effect on us Gundam fans.
> Chris, I understand your concern, but I don't want my mailbox flooded with
a hundred messages about something that has nothing to do with GUNDAM! (this
is what happened the last time you posted someone's "anti-anime" rant)
> Let's stay on topic friends, or at least keep focus, this is the GUNDAM
mailing list.
> Tom
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