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Fri, 2 Jun 2000 14:07:40 -0700 (PDT)

Dear List:

> Thanks for the link; some good laughs for an otherwise boring afternoon.
> - Vlad

Didn't find the link too entertaining, I find the ignorance and intolerance of
fanatical Christians more scary than anything!

> Please check out this:
> http://www.crossroad.to/text/responses/Anime.htm
> Some people really, really disgust me.

I see this is another post by our friend who forwarded that lovely anti-anime
article a short while ago that started a thread that flooded the mailing list
with flames. While I can understand his anger when reading such inflammatory
posts, it usually only stir up more flames in response, especially when it is
posted to an pro-anime group! It is probably more useful if the responses are
sent directly to the anti-anime christian groups instead of deluging this
already high traffic mailing list with more flames.

One of the responses to the original thread said this is cross-posting these
christian diatribes against anime to us is akin to "preaching to the believers".
I can't agree with him more. Please spare us from these "christianity alert" in
the future.

Just my 2 cents.

P.S. I just finished building my MG GP-02, the left arm turned out to be around
the ball joint is EXTREMELY flimsy and can't support shield, it's become so bad
that the arm tears out of the socket upon the slightest attempt to change pose,
any suggestions on how to strengthen it? Thanks in advance.


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