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It had to happen sometime....

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to America in early March on the Cartoon Network called "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing". (weekdays 5:00pm, with the "uncut" version at 12:00 midnight) There are already so many cartoons with overtly evil occultic themes, like "Sailor Moon", "DragonBallZ" and "Ronin Warriors" where the "hero" characters all practice forms of magic, with lots of cute stuff thrown in. This new cartoon is insidious and even has "moral" philosophies being taught in it. There are many things I could say about it but I want to point out that this particular cartoon is getting closer to "real life" , (without unbelievably 'goofy' visualizations), which I believe makes it insidious.
Many of the web sites I found on the topic have some of the characters, (primarily five teenage boys - the pilots), being portrayed as living a homosexual lifestyle. Even though the actual 'anime' doesn't show that, it does leave open some possibility of suggestion in that direction, making "fan" sites with that theme "believable" by kids that might . Many overt scenes making suicide look "honorable" are in the show. Even though the "Gundam pilots" are battling for freedom-loving people in colonies who are feeling the tightening chains of military domination by world-government control, the show has distinct dangers built-in regarding the conditioning of young minds with philosophies that Christian parents would reject.

I understand that most people, (yes- including children), know that cartoons are not real. Yet, after several years of studying this topic seriously, I conclude that everything we hear and see has a conditioning effect on us, and if certain themes are repeated often enough, acceptance of them is much more likely, whatever the 'media'.
I understand this cartoon series has been affecting Japan and the orient for almost twenty years, and that their previously staunch customs are unravelling, and that their suicide rate is very high. While it wouldn't be good judgement to attribute ONE CARTOON with having caused this and other problems, just watching ONE show has convinced me that the unprepared viewing population will NOT go unaffected by it. After researching on the WEB a bit, I've found that this show is quite restrained in comparison to other projects yet unseen my most Americans.
Another violent, moral-twisting show has hit our shores - HARD. I'm on the wall and shouting. Don't just stand. Stand READY. God bless you.

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