Chris Beilby (
Fri, 02 Jun 2000 18:04:53 GMT

>I've assembled about 7 standard 1/144 Gundam kits(Four from Wing, The GM
>command, and the Sumo)about 8 smaller 2/220 kits, and two 1/144 HG
>kits(Hyaku Shiki HGUC and 08th MS EZ8). I'm wondering, how much harder are
>master grade kits to construct than High Grade kits? At my present level of
>experience, should I try assembling one (Please note that I don't like
>glueing or painting)?

While you don't need to paint or glue the Master grade kits, or any Bandai
Gundam kit for that matter, I suggest that you might want to get over this
dislike, as all you can do is improve the quality of your modeling by doing
this. MG Kits are generally somewhat more complex than HGs (It took me
something like 40 hours to finizh my Zeta Gundam) and they have many small
detail parts that MUST be glued to the model if you want to use them.
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