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I have not seen a Mr. Pro as I still use my trusty Badger single action
internal mix and a newer cheep Testors Aztec but I can tell you that since I
borrowed my brother-in-laws compressor, I enjoy painting with airbrush much
more that hand painting.

Top and bottom feed are only the way the paint is mixed with the air. Top
feed uses gravity as a help and bottom feed relies on suction to draw up the

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I've a couple of HG kits. I'm now ready to go into
airbrush to prepare myself for MG kits.

I've looked around my area & found the following model
& type of airbrushes which i have no idea which one to
change. I hope anyone have experience with the below,
give me some guidelines & pros & cons of it. The
maintenance & durability :

Mr. Procon Boy Double Action
(Hose/Cock) PS-264

Mr. Procon GMW3 Double Action
(Hose/Cock) PS-262

Mr. Pro-SPRAY MK-2 (single action i think)
(Hose) PS-153

Mr. Pro_SPRAY MK-1

Mr. Pro-SPRAY MK-3

Also, one more question, what's the different bet. top
feed & bottom feed? & what's the catch bet them??

Hope to get some feedbacks from all of u. Cos i wanna
buy one of them soon..


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