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Everyone seems to harp on Zeta...

Zeta was my first model in over 10 years and my first model that I completly
painted using a airbrush. I guess that's why it took me over a month.

Now I've also completed a MG GM Custom (command paint scheme) and a Votoms
Red shoulder desert scheme. I can tell you that you guys are lucky with the
MG series. I remember the old school models from 10 years ago where
everything needed to be glued and painted dam.....

On a side note is anyone in the Toronto, Canada area going to the Torcan
2000 model contest this weekend? I'm entering the 3 that I just completed.

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>Heh, different things for different people I guess...My first MG kit was

>RX-78 and then the Zeta, and then the GP01....so I guess the Zeta

>kind of prepared me for the GP01...

After the Zeta, everything else seems easy.

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

Richard Ramos
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