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"Enriquez, Eric" wrote:

> To start something completely different.....
> Suppose that Bandai would remake the original Gundam 0079 as a big budget
> movie, who would you use as the main characters?
> Amuro Rey - Leo DiCaprio

DiCraprio is the devil. Serisouly, he is a lousy actor...if he was cast as
Amuro, I seriously doubt I could sit through the movie. I'd prefer an

I knew that Leo would be a turn off for everyone......

> Char Aznable - Val Kilmer (better as Quattro Bagina)

Actually, not a bad idea. Of course, I've been led to believe that he can
difficult to work with.

Val actually was a serious poke at a possible actor

> Bright Noah - Nicholis Cage

Nah...not wimpy enough.

How about Tom Hanks?

> Lalah Sun - Jenifer Lopez

I don't think she looks the part. There are a couple of Indian actresses
I've seen that would work...unfortunately, I don't know their names.

Yes, but all you'll see of her is her ass

> Giren Zabi - Tommy LeeJones

Not sinister enough. You need someone you'll hate just looking at him.

Maybe Leo can go in this role....he he

I really don't think most of the 'big name' actors/actresses really fit any
of the characters, no matter how good they are at their craft. All of the
actors you chose are popular now, but really I really can't see them in any
role in the Gundam universe.


How about Jacky Chan as Kou in 0083
Clint Eastwood as Lt Burning
Denise Richards as Nina
Demi Moore as the big girl

Joaquin Torres

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