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>For a start go with the Gelgoog - size for cost, it's the biggest I think (I

>only saw Richie's). I personally like imposing mecha. I enjoy the GP-02 from

>the body perspective if you totally disregard the shield (I was waiting for

>what they did to make the shield portion work). But that's one of the more

>expensive ones out there.

The mother is huge. and it has these nice rubber sleeves for the shoulder actuators.
 The best internal details are the legs, complete with flexible hoses. The
armor can be stripped off, and you can see the internal blocks. And the upper
arms are very much well done, though hidden by the upper arm armor. The big
problem with it is the monoeye, which needs a screwdriver to be positioned right.
 One also has the option of having a sealed cockpit or having a cockpit door
which is transparent so you can see Char inside. Oh, you also get great detail
when it comes to the shield.

>> How's the ZZ?
>Wait for the FAZZ to be released - the Double Zeta has some slots that look

>suspiciously where the FA upgrades should be. The Double Zeta and the
>Defensor are also the most expensive till the introduction of the king of
>Zeon mecha this July.
>I hear the chant coming from July - "Sazabi! Sazabi! Sazabi!..."

Get the FAZZ.

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