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Tomonaga wrote:
> Latest word from the inside source is that the MG Nu Gundam will be
> released this year ~October to complement the MG Sazabi. I have also
> heard about another Bandai employee hinting at the release of the MG
> Type 100 giving weight to the insider info I posted at GML last month.

Did they hired 100 new sculptors or something? Took them 2 years to come
up with MG Dom, and now we get FAZZ, Sazabi, Nu Gundam and Type 100 (and
maybe Gouf and what else).

Maybe they got too many bomb threats if they release another Zaku variant.

To be honest, this whole model thing really caught me by surprise, I was
thinking that when Big Bang 1999 is over, Bandai would be winding things
down for the other nostalgic anime anniversary events. But we got so many
Gunplas that are completely new tooling around late '99-'00: PG Z, MG NT1,
ZZ, RX-79 and the phrephora of HGUC. They must have cranked it up

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