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News and rumors from an old friend:

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From: Tomonaga <>
Subject: Gunpla news from Tet

I just got word that the next HGUC release after the HiZack is the GP01
at 1200yen. Also the MG Full Armour ZZ is official and due to be
released in August at 6000yen. You have to wonder if there is any logic
to the order of Bandai releases...(this info was leaked from the retail

If the previously reported 10000yen Dendrobium is going to become
reality, it is beginning to look like a HGUC 1/144 release to go with
the GP01(Pure speculation).

Latest word from the inside source is that the MG Nu Gundam will be
released this year ~October to complement the MG Sazabi. I have also
heard about another Bandai employee hinting at the release of the MG
Type 100 giving weight to the insider info I posted at GML last month.

There might be a more official leak of the upcoming MG kits sometime
today. I will let you know if anything interesting comes my way.


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