Leslie_Rashana (trojan@atoka.net)
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 22:00:40 -0500

maybe it's an original concept sketch for Gundam that didn't make the
cut? i have a copy of the original StarWars RPG and in th emiddle it has
some concpet pics from the movie and lot of the things in there only
vaugely if at all resemble what made it into the movie.. ugly stuff
there to :P

> Chris Maier wrote:
> I was looking through a Gundam gallery when I found this rather
> unusual Gundam...
> http://fayuri.heha.net/g63.htm
> What kind of Gundam is this? Some kind of concept art, or some new
> type of armor? Is it even a Gundam at all(It was in a Gundam gallery,
> and it sports the antennae, Federation coat of arms on the shield, and
> beam saber).
> Chris

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