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Thu, 1 Jun 2000 19:09:32 -0700

> Heya,
> To those who own Gundam Virtual Modeler Pro - I'm thinking of buying one.
> I need to know some things before I squeeze this into my computer and make
> the purchase
> 1) What kind of system specs do you need to run it?
> 2) Is it better to buy the latest version of this (the latest version
> doesn't have a book included I heard)?
> 3) Do you need a special Japanese upgrade for Windows to run it?
> 4) What tools would you recommend that I get to maximize it?
> 5) Do you need an extensive knowledge of Japanese to use it?
> Thanks,
> Fed

Hello, the virtua modeler pro requires (it says) 486DX4 or above
(recommended Pentium 100 and above (sheesh, it's a 3d program..). But it
also requires Win95 or later (so 486 would kinda be disadvantageous!!!)
Cd-rom, 32+MB of ram (24 is minimum though). 640x480 Resolution monitor or
above and can at least handle 32000 colours (16bit high colour). You should
get the latest edition possible because the program is not for you to "make"
gundam. it is to use their templates, therefore, the newer the version, the
more MS and MA there are. (There's add-ons coming though)

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