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At 09:27 6/1/2000, you wrote:
>I'm happy to announce that the first episode of my fanfic, Mobile Suit
>Gundam: Echoes of War is now up over at the Newtype Asylum.
>In brief, it is a UC fic, set during the last days of and immeaditely after
>the OYW.
>I hope everyone enjoys it!

Pretty good! There are some military procedural things you should know and
a couple of other minor issues, but otherwise very good indeed.

First, a courier wouldn't report directly to the Officer of the Day (OD)
but to the Charge of Quarters (CQ), who would notify the OD is it was
deemed important enough to warrant his or her personal attention. Chain of
command, always.

Second, a silenced pistol is an invitation to disaster -- the silencer
almost invariably becomes a point of failure, even if it's just by
impairing the draw. Also, if you're carrying a pistol with the silencer in
place, you'll already have a round in the chamber and ready to fire. But,
generally, if you're going in where you need to be quiet, you'll use a
knife or something else that [a] makes no noise and [b] can't foul or jam.

Third, no particular rank will protect you from being challenged if you're
a strange face. A military base is like a small town -- if they don't know
you by sight, you're a suspicious character until you establish your bona

If this is Africa in the summer -- and December is high summer south of the
Equator -- then a latex mask would likely drop the wearer in his tracks
from heat stroke. A better way to disguise yourself would be to smash out
all the windows before driving across the savannah. This would not only
give you an excuse to wear goggles, but also dirty up the rest of your
face, which would be sweaty enough to make everything stick. Between the
two, you'd be masked completely, without any suspicious artificialities.


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