-V- (vsze@wwdg.com)
Thu, 1 Jun 2000 18:58:14 -0700

Today, I went to the bookstore and they have been having a Gundam Special for a while. I saw a few comics that I have never heard of before. Has anyone read these?

Kidousensi Gundam: Zion no Saikou -The Revival of Zion-
Kidousensi Z Gundam: Utyuu wo Koeru Mono
Kidou sensi Gundam: Moon Crisis
Utyuusenkan Harlem Nocturne

There are tons more but listed are those that seem to be in DIRECT relation to UC century gundam. There's alot of weird ones that are Minovski related, 4 panel comics, spoofs, and totally made up ones (probably because the years to follow in the UC timeline were not written at that time.)

I bought the Revival of Zion though, and that seemed ok. It was done by Kondo Kazuhisa (yay!). The story was a bit bleak though...

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