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> Amuro's 15, Char's 20, and Bright's 19 -- both Val Kilmer and Nicholas Cage
> are waaay too old. Leonardo DiCaprio is at the upper end of the age range
> to play any of these characters and, while some have touted him for Char, I
> think he'd actually be better cast as Garma Zabi.

I really wouldn't want to see DiCraprio cast AT ALL. Though I was an early
supporter of Kilmer for Char, you're very correct about the age issue...all of
the originally selected actors are too old.

> Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense) would be my choice for Amuro and not just
> because he was up for an Oscar. I was blown away by his performance as a
> leukemia patient who wanted to sue God on an episode of Ally McBeal. If
> anyone can play Amuro both as the geek boy next door and the berserker
> Gundam pilot, it's this guy.

It's remarkable how mature Osment is. Every interview I've seen him do, he is
incredibly articulate...more so than most adult actors/actresses. If any child
actor could pull Amuro off, it'd be him.

> Whoever plays Char has to be able to make you love him and hate him at the
> same time. I don't keep track of the current heartthrobs, but he'll have
> to be more than just another pretty face. Casper Van Dean has the looks
> and showed both sides of Char's character with his before-and-after boot
> camp portrayal of Juan Rico in Starship Troopers. The big question is
> whether he could make the transition in mid-sentence (as Christopher Reeve
> did is Superman The Movie). He, too, may be too old already -- he's got to
> come off as a young man who's been hardened prematurely.

Being that Starship Troopers is my all-time favorite Heinlein book, I will not
comment on the bastardization that was the movie. I think Van Dean is a bit
too old for Char. Can't think of anyone who could really pull it off.

> Ewan MacGregor, maybe?

Too old. Maybe five or six years ago.

> >Lalah Sun - Jenifer Lopez
> Too mature and, ah, well-endowed -- Lalar is supposed to be the
> personification of innocence. Maybe the Vietnamese-American girl who
> played Shelby Woo on Nickelodeon?

Never watch Nickelodeon, so I don't know her. She would be kinda hard to
cast...may need to cast an unknown. If you could ignore Lalar's ethnicity, a
young Natalie Portman (a la, The Professional), would fit the bill.

> Again, if they've been around long enough for you to know their names,
> they're probably too old. Osment can grow into the role while others are
> growing out of it.

It seems like a lot of the suggested actors would have been good selections in
their younger years.

> >Giren Zabi - Tommy LeeJones
> Maybe as Dozul, who was flamboyant and over-the-top. Giren is always cool
> and collected and calculating and you need someone who can really make you
> worry about what he's going to do next without the histrionics. He's also
> got to be a good looker, the poster boy for Master Race. Above all, he's
> got to come across as a thinking man.
> Ed Harris might be able to pull it off, I think.

I don't think Tommy Lee Jones would make a good Dozul. Maybe the guy that
played Kergen (sp?) in the first Highlander movie. Clancy somethingorother? I
think he'd make an excellent Dozul.

Ed Harris is an excellent selection for Giren. May be a bit too old, though.

Joaquin Torres

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