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>To start something completely different.....
>Suppose that Bandai would remake the original Gundam 0079 as a big budget
>movie, who would you use as the main characters?
>Amuro Rey - Leo DiCaprio
>Char Aznable - Val Kilmer (better as Quattro Bagina)
>Bright Noah - Nicholis Cage

Amuro's 15, Char's 20, and Bright's 19 -- both Val Kilmer and Nicholas Cage
are waaay too old. Leonardo DiCaprio is at the upper end of the age range
to play any of these characters and, while some have touted him for Char, I
think he'd actually be better cast as Garma Zabi.

Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense) would be my choice for Amuro and not just
because he was up for an Oscar. I was blown away by his performance as a
leukemia patient who wanted to sue God on an episode of Ally McBeal. If
anyone can play Amuro both as the geek boy next door and the berserker
Gundam pilot, it's this guy.

Whoever plays Char has to be able to make you love him and hate him at the
same time. I don't keep track of the current heartthrobs, but he'll have
to be more than just another pretty face. Casper Van Dean has the looks
and showed both sides of Char's character with his before-and-after boot
camp portrayal of Juan Rico in Starship Troopers. The big question is
whether he could make the transition in mid-sentence (as Christopher Reeve
did is Superman The Movie). He, too, may be too old already -- he's got to
come off as a young man who's been hardened prematurely.

Ewan MacGregor, maybe?

Almost any Earnest Young Man type could play Bright.

>Lalah Sun - Jenifer Lopez

Too mature and, ah, well-endowed -- Lalar is supposed to be the
personification of innocence. Maybe the Vietnamese-American girl who
played Shelby Woo on Nickelodeon?

Again, if they've been around long enough for you to know their names,
they're probably too old. Osment can grow into the role while others are
growing out of it.

>Giren Zabi - Tommy LeeJones

Maybe as Dozul, who was flamboyant and over-the-top. Giren is always cool
and collected and calculating and you need someone who can really make you
worry about what he's going to do next without the histrionics. He's also
got to be a good looker, the poster boy for Master Race. Above all, he's
got to come across as a thinking man.

Ed Harris might be able to pull it off, I think.


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