Thu, 1 Jun 2000 21:22:42 EDT

MG kits won't require any glueing and painting if you don't want to (It's up
to your discretion) .... personally I'm glad that I did 1/100 HG kits before
I did MG kits but... At this point I don't have any trouble with MG kits.
It's more of a time investment, definitely, (_especially_ if you've only been
doing 1/144 kits) ... I just built my Super Gundam yesterday (haven't
detailed or painted him completely yet) and it took me about 6 hours of work.
 1/144 kits generally take me from half an hour to an hour... So you're
looking at a large increase of involved time. But I wouldn't say that it's
really _hard_, just involved. Hope I helped!

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