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Thu, 01 Jun 2000 03:59:34 -0700 wrote:

> Funny you should mention that, that's what drove me to like japanese mecha
> more than western mecha. Battletech is a classical example of western design
> towards mecha.

Well, yes and no... All of the original Battletech designs were based on Macross
and Dougram mecha designs. The CB armors of Dougram and the Destroids of Macross
are all slow Ground based boxy robots. so really the design Philosophy of modern
day Battletech is based on anime.

The biggest problem with battletech today is bad artwork. The only FASA designs
that are worth a damn are the ones which are descended from these "forbidden"
anime mecha, Like the Madcat. (descended from the Glaug battle pod in Macross)

---Brett Jensen

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