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Thu, 1 Jun 2000 17:11:24 -0400

Which one would you suggest would be the best to start with(And also, the most cheap!)

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  From: Jeff Caraway
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  I think you should be fine.
  I find that MGs aren't really more complicated that other types of kits, they just have tons more parts which makes it take longer and require MANY more steps than other types of models.
  The MGs also have a very high level of detail and can be done with no glue or paint at all.
  The only parts I've had to glue so far on an MG, has been the tubes on the Zaku (cause I don't want those freakin' beads falling off!) and a few of the boosters that just don't want to stay put.
  My suggestion is... find one you like and dive in!

  Jeff C
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    From: Chris Maier
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    Subject: [gundam] How hard are master grade kits?

    I've assembled about 7 standard 1/144 Gundam kits(Four from Wing, The GM command, and the Sumo)about 8 smaller 2/220 kits, and two 1/144 HG kits(Hyaku Shiki HGUC and 08th MS EZ8). I'm wondering, how much harder are master grade kits to construct than High Grade kits? At my present level of experience, should I try assembling one (Please note that I don't like glueing or painting)?


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