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<< To start something completely different.....

Suppose that Bandai would remake the original Gundam 0079 as a big budget
movie, who would you use as the main characters?

Amuro Rey - Leo DiCaprio
Char Aznable - Val Kilmer (better as Quattro Bagina)
Bright Noah - Nicholis Cage
Lalah Sun - Jenifer Lopez
Giren Zabi - Tommy LeeJones

Haro ?

I don't know about Leo, I mean he actually could've been Anakin Skywalker in my book, but he doesn't fit Amuro at all. I would say someone more along the lines of Elijah Wood possibly? Someone who can pull off insecurity and strength is needed. As for Char, Val is a little old, but I think he would be good actually. LaLah DEFINITELY NOT J Lopez. I mean Lalah is a very conservative girl. She isn't a sex goddess at all.


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