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> Alfred,
> When you do final rendering of CG for film what resolution do you use
> (2048x1556)?

That depends on the movie. Much of the time it's 2k but for space or money
considerations we might render out only what will be seen within the aspect
ratio (letterboxing) so that it would look weird at full ap. But almost always
2048 wide. Of course, I'm working on Grinch and we have this freaked up ratio
because we are taking into account the sound strip on the left so the image is
not quite as wide as that. But the image quality is still 2k.

> There have been discussions on some Home Theatre forums talking about
> Dinosaur being shown on TI DLP projectors at a resolution of 1024x1024 (with
> a amorphic unsqueeze lens) that look better than the film presentations.

I'd heard that, too. It doesn't look better than film. More vibrant, maybe,
and no scratches or fingerprints on it, but the aliasing problems are still
there, it can clip if it's not set right, etc. I think people confuse film
grain with resolution. Next time you're in a theater watching a movie,
concentrate on one corner for a few seconds. Watch the grain rolling around in
there. All films have it. Digital projection doesn't. I'm sure I'm just set
in my ways but there's something wrong with background colors that don't
"move", that look like stills because there's no grain. It's my main beef with
DVDs, that they remove about 80% of what I remember seeing in the film when
I saw it projected. An all digital movie ("Toy Story") is a different thing
since nothing was ever filmed, it was all virtual, but that's a rarity. 1k can
never have more information than 2k, that's nuts.


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