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<< I
 like the Gundam and VO mecha the best, because they are much more agile and
 have more finesse then the walking mammoth tanks that the Mechs in
 Mechwarrior are.

Funny you should mention that, that's what drove me to like japanese mecha
more than western mecha. Battletech is a classical example of western design
towards mecha.The mecha in the western hemisphere is very tank-ish and is
probably the successor to the modern day tank when it comes to roles of wars
in the western mindset. Eastern philosophy towards mecha is different. They
view mecha has a replacement for human soldiers rather than pieces of
artillery like western mecha are.
That is my main draw towards japanese mecha, they have a more human quality
to them and they're no so hard and lifeless as western mecha.

-James(not Boren)

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