Paul Fields (
Thu, 1 Jun 2000 12:21:05 -0400

> Amuro Rey - Leo DiCaprio
Unfortunately you'd have to get someone with that in high school look
can't remember the last high school movie I saw, probably have to take
someone off of a WB TV show...

> Char Aznable - Val Kilmer (better as Quattro Bagina)
Owen Wilson - the blonde guy opposite Jackie Chan in Shanghai noon
Although with some bleaching, he'd make a spot on Gato. Another one
to consider is the guy from the Princess Bride, he'd make a decent Char
as well.

> Bright Noah - Nicholis Cage
Mel Gibson... maybe too old for this, but he or Harrison Ford would be
a great Char's Counterattack Bright Noah, the Noah family had Whites
in their eyes for that one. Obviously young SW Han Solo would be Perfect
and Mel Gibson from Road Warrior, or Gallipoli would be great.

> Lalah Sun - Jenifer Lopez
Selma Hayek, not very Indian looking, or the chick from Stargate. All the
American audience would care is that she looks suitably Exotic.

> Giren Zabi - Tommy LeeJones
Nicolas Cage - Jeremy Irons, and Tommy Lee Ones are
too old for Giren...

> Haro ?
NASA Space Shuttle Ball thing...


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