Blackeagle (
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 09:15:56 MST


>And who would you cast in the other roles?
>Salia Mas
>Kai Shiden
>Ryu Jose
>Hayato Kobiyashi
>Frau Bow

Like I said in my other e-mail, I'd go with young, relatively unknown actors
for the White Base crew.

>Degin Zabi


>Kishiria Zabi

Sigourney Weaver

>Dozzle Zabi
>Garma Zabi
>Katsu, Retsu, and Kika?
>General Revil

Clint Eastwood

>Ramba Ral

Michael Ironside

>Hammon Crowley
>Just for your consideration...

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