Blackeagle (
Thu, 01 Jun 2000 09:12:12 MST

>To start something completely different.....
>Suppose that Bandai would remake the original Gundam 0079 as a big budget
>movie, who would you use as the main characters?
>Amuro Rey - Leo DiCaprio


>Char Aznable - Val Kilmer (better as Quattro Bagina)

This would be cool.

>Bright Noah - Nicholis Cage

Isn't he too old?

>Lalah Sun - Jenifer Lopez
>Giren Zabi - Tommy LeeJones

Others have suggested Jeremy Irons, and I have to agree.

>Haro ?


>Just off the top of my head.....

Overall, I'd say the White Base crew should be fairly young, relatively
unknown actors. Put the older, 'name' actors in other roles.
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