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> To start something completely different.....
> Suppose that Bandai would remake the original Gundam 0079 as a big
> budget movie, who would you use as the main characters?
> Amuro Rey - Leo DiCaprio

Amuro isn't THAT annoying.

OK how about a older Jake Loyd aka. young Skywalker.....

> Char Aznable - Val Kilmer (better as Quattro Bagina)

Oddly enough I can't find anything wrong with this one.

> Bright Noah - Nicholis Cage

No way! The whites of his eyes are too prominent

How about the guy from Saturday Night Live......

> Lalah Sun - Jenifer Lopez

I had no idea that the part of Lala sun required a bikini scene!

Switch that to Nia Peoples

> Giren Zabi - Tommy LeeJones

Oh come on, I think this would be a perfect Jeremy Irons.

Hey, that is a good person to use.

> Haro ?

Oh I am sore that haro could be played by any old oversized tennis

Well the voice could be William Shatner.....

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