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/me is insanely embarassed
I went and checked CDDB, found that printed in the title of every OST, and
figured that's who it was, because the only other OST's I've looked up there
have been Yoko Kanno's and she always gets a headline spot up there.
Woops :P

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> >I do believe Shin Kidousenki did the score for Gundam Wing. > > Shin Kidousenki is not a person... it's "New Mobile War Chronicle" in > Japanese. The full credit for recording staff is listed on p18-19 of > the Operation 1 disc. The composer is credited in Japanese under the > Animation Staff heading on page 18. > > Eddie > > > New items added at least once a week! Check out my eBay auctions at: > rt=3 > &since=-1&page=1&rows=0 > Please note the URL exceeds 80 characters and ends with "rows=0" not "sort=3" > > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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