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<< I'm been it true that as Mark Simmons(I think) stated in, that the franchise has run out of steam? I personally don't think
so...since Gundam is a huge cultural icon, apparentally(Like Star Wars here
in the US) I don't think it would be easy to just stop making them. >>

But look at shows such as Voyager (yeah I know it is Star Trek and not Star
Wars). I mean ST is a huge franchise that has been around longer then Gundam
and Star Wars, but there has to come a point where they hold back from
flooding the market with crap, and carefully plan their next move. I would
rather wait and get a good Gundam series then get crap. It seems whenever
Gundam shows have cranking out new shows one right after the other, they do
suffer in quality. Case in point ZZ and X Gundam. I'm not saying they are
horrible, but they are definately outshined by the shows that came before
them, Z and W respectively. One reason Z was so good, was that Tomino had
time to plan it, whereas ZZ just kinda came out really quickly and sufffered
as a result.


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