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>I will say, however, that I think B5 is sorely lacking when compared
>to Gundam in that the enemy they face is ultimately the physical
>embodiment of evil and its machinations. Whereas in Gundam, the enemy
>is often a rather likeable fellow who just happens to have a
>different ideology. In fact, as a whole I find it to be a bit of a
>cop out whenever writers make the enemy unimaginably evil. One of the
>things I have always thought put Gundam ahead of most of the rest of
>sci-fi, is that who the bad guy is, often is dependent on what
>character you are watching at the moment. B5 on the other hand had
>the forces of good, the forces of evil, and most of the interactions
>you speak of are an issue of characters trying to strike compromises
>and deals with the two sides in order to preserve or gain something.
>This is better than something like Star Wars, but still not quite as
>far a departure from the mold as something like Gundam or VOTOMS. UC
>Gundam reads like the American war of independence, and the only
>decision of what is good or evil comes directly from whether the
>story is being told by the British or Americans. To my knowledge B5
>never devoted a season to showing the reasonable motives of the
>shadows, then showing how valiantly and bravely they did whatever
>they could to defend themselves from Sheridan's psychotic genocidal

I would agree with that.

Now, I've just seen the B5 follow-up...Crusade? and it reminds me a bit too
much of as live-action version of Yamato's quest. or am I wrong here?

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