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> Very true, but the question must be asked - how did the criteria arise
> that became comfortable to the public? Most suits and marketing reps
> aren't that smart. Once something works (once) it is perceived to be the
> holy grail and is repeated over and over. If you gave the audience
> nothing but *good* movies to choose from they'd pick their favorite good
> movies but they'd watch them. What they're given now is nothing but
> lowest common denominator crap.

See, I got this wack Harris Poll Online survey form a long ass time ago...
And filled it out, cuz I was bored... Now they send me surveys, mostly about
movies... I figure, maybe somebody is listening out there, so I fill out
all of the surveys regarding movies. Mostly my comments are negative,
because they show me mainstream crap... But hey, maybe the industry actually
pays attention to those things and if so, my little voice is being heard
denouncing the shit they foist upon us. Of course, my cynical side realizes
that the vast majority of consumers are mentally retarded and probably write
in rave (If incoherent examples of poor grammar and composition) reviews of
the latest mindless action movie with lots of explosions and tits. But it
takes like 5 minutes out of my day every couple of weeks so I figure it's
worth it, cuz maybe, just maybe, someone is listening.....

Oh and I hope somewhere some executive is scratching his chin over why this
person was "Definitely" going to see Godzilla 2000 in the theatre yet hated
the american "Godzilla" :)

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