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> Two views dominate: the game's too short (although I thought it had 10
> missions, not the seven cited by one reviewer) and it should be Gundam
> My favorite critical observation:
> "For those of you caught up in the 'Gundam Wing' rush from Cartoon
> I stress now that the year in 'Gundam Side Story' is 0079, and 'Gundam
> Wing' takes place in 0195, over a hundred years after the game, so don't
> expect to see Wing Zero or any of the other Gundams you may be familiar
> with if you've only seen 'Gundam Wing.'"
> Even when they get it right, they get it wrong -- something I face every
> day in Real Life with my "Orphan Ann" Home Page.
> -Z-

I hate to admit it but I'm starting to develop an aversion to GW because of
the ignorant fans. I mean, I liked GWing, (Admittedly I've only seen about
half of the series [subbed, not the CN broadcast]) but I felt that compared
to the UC stuff it was.... lacking. But now I almost shudder when I hear
the name, cuz all over gundam related websites I see postings just like
"Who's your favorite Gundam character? .... HEERO or DUO?!!?!!" ... I'm
like arr.... I guess I shouldn't let others ruin things for me, but I don't
know how I feel about the current GW popularity......

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