Thu, 1 Jun 2000 01:53:44 EDT

Hi all, got the latest issue of Dengeki Hobby today from Rainbow Ten.

Some Highlights

-The special on gundams in games featuring SD gundam Mk IV from SD G-gen,
Zan Spine(I never seen this before though it has a V-gundam flavor) from
G-gen F, Hi-Mobility Custom Ez8(which imo looked ok on paper but not in
model.) from SD G-gen gather beat.
-Blood of Zeon MS data files features Titans version of RX-78 and the
RX-178-0 Gundam MK II prototype(a mix of MG MKII, GP01, GM custom and Quel),
though it didn't offer the build in process photos found in Gundam Models
Manual 2
-Gundam in games again, GM Sniper II White Dingo version(remodeled from a FG
gundam, looks pretty good) and Gelgood Ground version[Visch Donahue Custom]
and finally the Rhinoseros also from rise of ashes.
-This issue's special is a paper craft version of the hyper mega launcher for
use with the PG Zeta.
-MG pic guide features RX-79, looks pretty good..
-2 HGUC Gouf Dioramas
-Black Tri-Star's Gogg(...)
-A cool 1/60 Rick-dom kit-bashed with the original 1/60 Dom and the PG Zaku
-Info on new stuffs, the MSiA zeta comes with the hyper mega launcher..MG
Gundam ver 1.5 looks good to me.as does the HGUC Rick-Dias.
-Turn-A gundam special features the Turn-X and the early design version of
the Turn-A(which is basically a Sumo.....but really could be called GORDAM!!!)
-AB dunbine section looks at the "new" HG dunbine variations and the HG
Bilvine, and some pics on the MG Dunbine. the HG Zwarth color schem they used
is pretty cool.
-Pic Guide of the new Wave 1/144 Led Mirage
-other usuall stuff...

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