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>As for the other major conflict, the schism within the Earth Alliance,
>it may not be quite in the shades of grey that Gundam's Zeon/Federation
>conflict is painted in, it's still pretty far from absolute black and
> For years following the civil war, there are still personal conflicts
>going on within EarthForce and even within individual families as a result
>of old friends or family members being on opposite sides during the war.
>And before you say that there is no hint that the 'enemy' had likeable
>sorts, remember that Captain Lockley sided with President Clark during the
>civil war, yet she was still handpicked by Sheridan to command the station

Right On!

Though you didn't mention the third major conflict in the B5 universe, the
telepath vs normals. This is the one that I think best illustrates the kind
of stuff Lloyd seems to want. After all, Bester may be a ruthless SOB, but
he's just doing what he feels is best for his people.

Unfortunately, this is one the series left unresolved. Looks like we'll
never find out unless a B5 movie ever gets made.

>Basically, saying that Babylon 5 is about the battle between Good and Evil
>is doing it as much of a disservice as saying that Gundam is just another
>Giant Robot show... Babylon 5 is less about the battle of the ultimate good
>against the ultimate evil than it is about the battle between good and evil
>within the human heart. Just try to rewatch the show, and you might see
>this... It's about the triumph of humanity over our inner beast...

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