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<< Two views dominate: the game's too short (although I thought it had 10
 missions, not the seven cited by one reviewer) and it should be Gundam Wing.

  I finished the game in less then a week. The exact mission number is 9. Its
a very fun and easy to play/control game. It needs lots more mission though.
I hope to God Bandai America decides to release the Bonus disc soon.

  Although, once you beat the game, weapons are available for every mission
the second time you start from the beginning. The options are to turn on the

Beam Spray Gundam
Prototype Beam rifle
the finished Beam rifle (the one the RX-78)
Luna or lunar titanium armor, cannot remember its exact name.

I think that's all, have to look at the options screen to see if any more are
there. Needless to say, you can zoom through the game the second time, with
the beam rifle and improved armor. The game is great for being a first effort
from Bandai as a Dreamcast game. It deserves a sequel to fix these things:
only 9 missions - needs lots more missions, not enough MS to choose from -
should add more GM's that are more powerful, needs an optional 3rd person
perspective, its very easy to get turned around and get nailed from the back,
when you start jumping around, 3rd person view would fix this.

Other then that, its a very good Gundam game. If you keep in mind that
nothing is perfect, its a fine game. If they improve these few things, then
it will be even better. Just adding more missions and GMs as you progress
through the game would help. Its just too darn short! If Bandai makes any
other DC Gundam games that are as good as this on, I will surely get them!

The game seems to capture the feeling of piloting an MS very well. It
simulates the feel, but there is no way to simulate the controls, unless you
build something like those huge Battletech games with the simulated cockpit.


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