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>Please, what do you guys use? Frontpage? Unix stuffs? Or more esoteric

I've edited with everything from Notepad to FrontPage 2000, tools that run
on the Windows platform but with target platforms running UNIX
(specifically, IRIX and Solaris).

My favorite is Allaire's HomeSite, which let's you edit in text mode (tags
are color coded) and preview with an internal browser set for the lowest
common denominator (doesn't support CSS or any frills) or any external
browser (special support for Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and
Opera) and validate your HTML against W3C standards. You can also do
global search and replace not only within a file, but within all of the
files in a single directory or an entire multi-folder project. It lets you
save pages as templates and store blocks of code (called "snippets") for
future use. Oh, yeah, you can set the tags to be upper or lower case and
convert from one to the other on the fly.

You can also set the text editor to use end-of-line characters specific to
the target platform -- LF for UNIX, CR for Macintosh, CR/LF pair for PC --
and other neat tricks.


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