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in Wing Zero the beam sabers are stored in the shoulder-mounted armor
baffles, in one scene we see Qutrae pull a bean saber hilt form the left
shoulder, in a later scene we see Duo pul one from the Right.. i think
the purpose of multiple beam sabers in Wing Gundam is like it was in
Regular Gundam, the un-atached beam saber hilts can only sustain a
finite charge, whereas the Epyon gundam dispenses with that by
attatching it's beam sword hilt to it's main reactor through a
retractable power cable

> Marty Rawls wrote:
> Everywhere i look i see that WIng Zero has 2 beam sabers.......i swear
> that nowhere do we encouter this knowledge.....am i missing something
> or is this one of those trivial things that i shouldn't lose sleep
> over?
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