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<< Please, what do you guys use? Frontpage? Unix stuffs? Or more esoteric
 programs? >>

I use Frontpage Express. Hope to eventually get the latest version of
Frontpage, though. Frontpage can be picky, but its nothing too serious or
annoying or software bug related it, sometimes it messes up a picture, but
can be fixed by just saving the web page again. This rarely happens though.

I am happy with Frontpage, as its easy to use and with programs like
Frontpage, there's really no need to learn HTML, unless web page design is
your profession, I would guess. If you want, goto (ZDNet's
download section) and try out a few, free, trail versions of Frontpage like
programs, as must are fully functional 30 day free trails. Your bound to find
one that suits your needs and probably a program that doesn't cost an arm and
a leg :)

I have found out that with software, if you are serious about your web page,
buy the best software you can, within reason. There's nothing on my web page,
because I keep forgetting to work on my site :)


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