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<< However, with Gundam starting to get sucess here, Bandai might make Gundam
 productions to appeal to us, such as the speculated about remake, or even a
 new Wing-based series. It would'nt be the first time the Japanese have made
 an anime sequel series targeted at more of an American audience...take Sol
 Bianca 2, Street Fighter Zero and Bubblegum Crisis 2040. Although they were
 animated by the Japanese, for Sol Bianca and BCG, the OAVs were more
 sucessful here than in Japan, hence their being targeted for American
 viewers although they were still shown in Japan. >>

   A Gundam show targeted at American's is fine, as long as its done in
Japan, with the people who are/where involved with Gundam. I.E. other people
besides Tomino have made Gundam stories for other Gundam shows, without it
taking away the the Gundam "feel", for the most part.


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