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<< My only real complaints are that it seems much of the original Aura
 Phantasm story was glossed over to make a robot show, and that the Aura
 Battlers were built for aerial combat, not ground combat (a trend I didn't
 like in Zeta, either). >>

  I agree, the idea of MS or Aura Battlers that are built for aerial combat
and not ground, doesn't appeal to me either. I mean, wouldn't fighters with
the speed of Mobile Suits work better for all aerial combat? A Humanoid shape
for aerial combat only is silly. How I justify a MS flying is that the
humanoid form works good for land combat, I.E., no tires or tracks, therefore
a giant humanoid robot makes the ultimate ATV! :) and that aerial combat
works, since MS have such powerful thrusters. Same applies to space,
especially since there's no atmosphere.

To go semi off topic, isn't that why Valkyries are transformable? Humanoid
for land, fighter for air/space and Gerwalk for VTOL.


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