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Chris Maier wrote:

> Did they incorporate the live-action and SFX together in G-savior? I'm
> curious, since from what I've seen of Giren's Greed, they have some pretty
> good CG mobile suits.

You're comparing a video game to a movie? Try rezzing up a 640x486 image to
film (2048x1556) sometime and try not to cough up your lunch. Video allows you
to get away with dozens of cheats that won't hold up to film. Why do you think
there were nothing but F-18s in "ID4"? The didn't have time or resources to
come up with texture maps for any other jets at that resolution for close-ups.

> I think the Japanese and the British are pretty much level when it comes to
> Special Effects. I mean, Walking with Dinosaurs had good SFX,but then again
> it took over four years to do,and British TV sci-fi still uses as many
> rubber monsters as the Japanese do.

I loved "Walking With Dinosaurs", much more than "Dinosaur" which I had the
misfortune of working on. But it's TV resolution. Some of it was clipping and
blurred on TV, I can't imagine how bad it would look on film. There were
hardly any puppets in "Walking With Dinosaurs", and only mostly for close-ups.
They should have stuck to cg, the puppet heads were far less lively.


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